Your Event Success Is Our Number One Priority

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Making your event a success is our number one priority. We don’t rely on chance or optimism for success. Here at Partytree Rentals, we have refined our planning process to yield consistently stress-free events that are just like you imagined.
How do we do that? It starts with you scheduling a meeting with us at a time that is convenient for you. We’ll meet with you in our office where you’ll walk us through your vision. We don’t want anything to be left unsaid, so we’ll ask thoughtful questions and delve into what is important to you.



Over the years we have learned that the magic is found in the little nuances found in these one on one client consults.  We have built insightful questionnaires and procedures that helps us to ensure no stone goes unturned,  allowing us to really capture the essence of each clients event.

From there, Partytree Rentals will put together a post-meeting analysis and send you our To-Do List and estimates for your event within 48 hours of the meeting. We understand that when you’re planning an event, nothing should be put off until the last minute, so the sooner we get going on your project, the better!

After that, we’ll work within an agreed-upon timeline, checking in with you regularly to make sure everything is on track, nothing has changed and the plan flows smoothly. We’re there for you, so if any unexpected problems arise, we are equipped to help you face them.



It’s the little things that will make your event a success. We’ve refined our ability to figure out what matters to you and your guests and assist you in integrating little details and unique aspects that will make your event a memorable one. From weddings with the flair of the couple hinted at in the decor, to corporate events that speak to the company culture, we will make sure your event is impeccable and unforgettable.