Wedding Plan Essentials

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A wedding without a plan is like a ballet without choreography or a movie without a storyline.  You already know that a solid wedding plan is the most important step you can take in preparing for your big day.  Now, think of a Wedding Planner like a Stage Manager of a Theatre or a Director of a movie.  Without them, the whole thing would be a bunch of great pieces that come together clumsily and miss the entire vision.

Here are just some of the ways that a Wedding Planner will transform all of your various wedding day pieces into a coherent masterpiece:


  1. Prioritize your Wedding Plan

You have made countless Pinterest boards and read every wedding planning blog you can get your hands on.  Your list is huge and prioritizing it is a whole other ballgame.  Even if you are a stellar planner, wedding planning experts are available for a reason, and a good one at that: from bridal showers to the rehearsal dinner, day-after brunches, and every detail in between, there is just so much to do!


  1. Determine and STICK to your Wedding Budget

With so much to do and so many pretty options it is easy to continually add small purchases to your VISA and cross your fingers that the bill gets lost in cyberspace.  But, all of those “little” expenses add up and can end up costing a fortune!  What’s more, they can help you to make those tough decisions like making the final venue and menu decisions, who to cut on your guest list and where to find the “yes” dress.

  1. Ensure a Consistent Wedding Theme and Style

Have you ever walked into a restaurant or boutique and felt smothered?  There is too much product, it is disorganized and cluttered.  You can’t put your finger on it, but walking in is a slap to your senses.  You don’t know what the owner is going for, what to expect or how to react.  The same thing goes for a wedding.  If you have inconsistency in theme, design and style (from correspondence to décor and gown, food and even music) your guests will spend more time subconsciously trying to compartmentalize and make sense of things rather than relaxing and enjoying the evening.


  1. Manage Third Parties

Whether you decide to hire an officiant, florist, DJ and caterer, or ask friends and family to fill in these roles, someone needs to direct them.  From translating your vision to arranging arrivals and deliveries, to having someone for them to go to if an issue arises, a Wedding Planner is your lifeline.  They take the stress out of not only your wedding day but everything leading up to it, all the way to your honeymoon and thank you cards.

  1. Oversee your Wedding Day

From the moment you awake on your wedding day you will be so bombarded with things to do.  Something is bound to pop up that you hadn’t prepared for.  Instead of spending your wedding day running around in a panic, leave it in the hands of your wedding planner to manage.  Instead of making rash decisions, s/he will help to prevent expensive mistakes such as rush shipping or unnecessary changes.  They will be the go-to person for everyone and every aspect of your wedding.


Even the most organized bride cannot do absolutely everything herself.  When it comes to your wedding day, you want to put your vision into the hands of an expert.  Hire a wedding planner from the start to sail through planning and give you comfort to relax and enjoy your big day.


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