• Additional time to discuss details, plan, style and design is charged $50 per hour and may be done at the venue to get a fuller experience for an extra charge​.


Retainer for All Services Offered:


  • Bookings require a 50% non-refundable retainer to secure date and products, with the remaining balance due 30 days prior to the event
  • The final numbers, products, services and balance is due no later than 30 days prior to the event.
  • The number of rental items and services must be finalized at least 30 days prior to the event.
  • If the reservation is cancelled within 30 days of the contracted event date, or if the items rented from Partytree Event Rentals & Services are delivered to the event, but never used, the client will forfeit all fees paid to Partytree Event Rentals & Services, and no refund will be given.


Delivery Procedure:


  • Partytree Event Rentals has 48 hours from pickup to notify the Client of any replacement and/or repair charges.
  • Items will be dropped off only at curbside at the agreed upon location at the approximate time discussed unless services of set up are requested ahead of time for an extra fee
  • Many deliveries will be quoted on a custom basis.


Client Pickup:


  • A fee of 15% of the total value of the rental price (minimum $20) will be charged to the client for pickup of any rented items.


Partytree Event Rentals Pickup:


  • Day of pickup– Rental items shall be gathered together in one location. If items are not set aside and prepared for pickup as described below a late night fee will be applied unless the service of tear down is discussed ahead of time.
  • Furniture covered
  • Items in original packaging/boxes
  • Items free of debris, food & liquid


Client Return:


  • A fee of 15% of total value of the rental price will be applied for the client pickup/return option (PartyTree Event Rentals & Services representative will be available at the return location to review the returned items and assist with unloading).
  • Rental items are to be returned to Partytree Event Rentals & Services at agreed upon time, late charges will apply Damage:  Client Credit Card will remain on file until finalized.
  • The Client assumes responsibility for all items rented from Partytree Event Rentals & Services from delivery to pick up, including transportation boxes, equipment and packaging materials.
  • All rented items shall be used for the purpose intended and according to notations on the Rental List in the Fees and Finances section and shall be returned free of loose debris.
  • Damage including, but not limited to candle wax, water, wine, food, ink, weather, spills and soil will be considered the financial responsibility of the Client.
  • Replacement costs for lost or damaged items (including boxes, crates, packing material, etc.) will be the Client’s responsibility. Partytree Event Rentals & Services Policies are Subject to Change at any time at the Discretion Partytree Event Rentals & Services