Plan An Unforgettable Family Reunion

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A family reunion is a fun opportunity to celebrate history and growth, as well as to create new memories to hold for years to come.  All great parties have commonalities – entertainment, food, atmosphere – but reunions offer a special opportunity: to commemorate family legacy.  With so much to consider now is the time to start planning.
Elements of a Memorable Family Reunion
Commemorative Activities
Consider hiring a photographer or renting a photo booth for the event to capture precious moments and ensure that nobody is left out – also, it doesn’t hurt to have a professional making sure that everyone has at least one flattering photo.

Family Tree or Book
If you don’t yet have a family tree or book, you may want to ask each family to contribute information, which you can either compile before or after the reunion, and distribute to everyone following.  Including some of this event’s photos will be a great way to capture family legacy, as well.

Games and Activities for All Ages
The purpose of a reunion is to celebrate family from 9 weeks to 90 years.  Plus, you will want to give everyone the chance to connect with those they may not otherwise see.  So, keep all games inclusive to abilities and ages.  Consider games that don’t segregate by age but bring everyone together or, at least, in the same vicinity.

Connect Through Social Media
Although not everyone is on social media the majority of people are on one platform or another; even many grandmas.  Set up a Flirk account, Facebook Event and Instagram hashtag to which all members can upload photos and correspond.

Planning the Event
As the host you’re looking forward to seeing the newest family addition and being in awe of great Uncle Bill’s war stories. As the Host you don’t want to be running during the day and missing out on cousin Lana’s hilarious impersonations.  Your best option, and one that will prevent you from overspending or forgetting important details, is to hire a professional.
Just like a wedding, or most events for that matter, a family reunion requires a date, venue, guest list, invitations, food, décor, entertainment, travel arrangements and accommodations…the list goes on.

Once the costs have been calculated you and your family can set a budget and then we recommend you seek the consultation of a professional event planner like Steph Shamji at Partytree Rentals And Events.
Steph can help you figure out the fine details, help to create a plan for the day or take it off your hands entirely, so that you can get back to rooting through those old family photos and enjoy the day with your family.