Dreamy Weddings Begin Here

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Dreamy Weddings Begin at Partytree Rentals with owner Steph Shamji who knows that every bride has their own unique vision for their wedding.  Regardless of budget and wedding style, each bride has a look that is reflective of who she is and what is important in order for the big day to be considered a success.





As a professional in her field, Steph understands the logistics behind each request and just exactly what it takes to pull each vision off seamlessly and smoothly.  A backdrop set up on a lawn is much trickier than a backdrop on an even ballroom floor.  Running cables and electrical outside in the middle of a field of course holds it’s own unique challenges than perhaps a local hall or indoor venue would pose.


Outdoor wedding


Part of the charm in Steph’s expertise is that she understands the fundamentals of not only HOW important it is to make the lanterns glow in a family orchard steeped in tradition, but also how to MAKE it happen.  Steph’s warehouse is full of unique and clever tools that help her pull off these feats to ensure the bride and her future husband experience a day that is meaningful and stress free.  From simple solutions to common wedding day requests to sourcing out unique features and challenges Steph takes it all in stride.  “It’s just a day in the life of a Wedding Planner”, and as humble as Steph is about her notable skill set and her Partytree Rental team, her brides know just how talented and incredibly creative she is in her approach to some of her more “DREAMY” requests.


Ceiling Drapery


With draperies in a variety of fabrics and colours, backdrops and arches to add pretty focus, linens, charger plates and beautiful centre pieces all cocooned under the drama of a draped ceiling is just the beginning of planning your day.  It’s all the in the details with Steph and her Partytree Rental team.  Focusing on your vision by utilizing their large selection of props and supplies and sourcing out items that are required to create the perfect setting for your big day.




The nature of weddings is steeped in tradition  but being on trend is also part of The Partytree Experience with Steph and her team.  Understanding the modern bride that wants a wedding to reflect her “time” and not that of decades gone by. With current and trending decor always being added to the repertoire you can be sure to find the perfect look for your dreamy wedding.



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