Corporate Events Create Relationships And ROI

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When you think Partytree Event Rentals many instantly think Wedding or Birthday.  But the truth is that a lot of Partytree’s Business is Corporate Events.  With a merging trend in business to host or showcase an event in house or externally to clients,  we have seen an increase in Corporate Event Planning as of lately.  This is true as many businesses see the benefit in showcasing themselves in a planned event to increase sales and opportunity.


A Corporate event can take on a broad spectrum of focuses and many businesses are creating events that are very specific to their business needs.  From developers holding large scale events to promote their latest venture to local business people in the industry like realtors, mortgage brokers and the general public.  Local businesses celebrating a milestone and inviting other businesses to join them for an afternoon to celebrate a success is a great way to showcase your achievements and educate potential clients at the same time.  Both generate an event that showcases their business and allows for authentic business relationships to be built.


Corporate Event


A corporate event done right can create a lasting meaningful business that is based on inclusion and commonality.  There is a component of hospitableness that if done right can have a long lasting impression on invitees as well as your business brand.


Steph Shamji and her team at Partytree Event Rentals can facilitate all of the important aspects of your event including adhering to your brand and the message behind the event.  Offering a professional event coordinator that can act as an event hostess well versed in your business so that staff and management can focus on spending time with attendees.

Overseeing all the details including rentals, catering, registration tables, decor, venue liaison, colour schemes and more, Partytree Event Rentals has a vast knowledge and is very experienced in Corporate Events.  They understand what  it truly takes to create a meaningful successful event.




Looking for ideas to use an event to showcase your business?  Touch base with Steph and her team to talk about what kind of event would benefit your business and how to go about showcasing your project, event or achievement in the best light possible.


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